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More Wind In The Skies!

By MrJenssen23-01-2014

Man, this thing is gaining momentum! Unless you're actually a citizen of the realm of Tamriel, you've likely already heard of Skywind, the grand modding project that seeks to remake and enhance the island of Vvardenfell in the engine of Skyrim.

Well, though most of the stuff we see in the trailer above is still far from ready for any public release, the modders just really really want to assure us all that the mod is more than some mysterious whisper in the mist. It is actually happening, and development seems to be going forward in a steady pace. So I suppose the question on your mind is when can WE sink our teeth into this new version? The team already have an non-answer for you:

"Don't ask for a release date please, there isn't one at the moment."

Well then. Butter me up with a pound of patience and call me a pig. Let's get this show on the road already!

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