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More Virtual Reality Using Oculus Rift

By NAG3LT01-11-2013

Oculus Rift is a cool device for itself, but it is not enough to get your own holodeck. Something has to take care of your body movements to translate them into a virtual world. One of those attempts is Omni treadmill to move in VR without going far for real, while Xsens just wants to join two worlds into one for many players at the same time. The company specialises in motion sensors and used their full body motion capture to get precise players' positions in the environment.

Those are then applied to virtual models, providing visually fluid motion with no additional animation required. The real environment is recreated in the Unity game engine which is then displayed to the people wearing Oculus Rift. The body tracking allows several people using the gear to see each other in the virtual world while interacting with it. There is also a possibility to use several similar rooms for VR multiplayer at a distance. While OR alone is quite immersive, this one will blur your perception of reality.

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The first link in the news is about that treadmill, we have already covered it.

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Seen this? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1944625487/omni-move-naturally-in-your-favorite-game