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More Toys for the Chest? Or just More Cynical Marketing?

By elethio30-07-2015

Ubisoft have just announced the "Hall of Fame" edition for their upcoming game - Toy Soldiers: War Chest. This new edition will allow you to get eight new factions out of the toy chest: GI Joe, He Man, Star Bright, Darklord, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Phantom. As well as two other as yet unrevealed factions.

All these nice new shiny brand names, were still in the dark as to what this "Hall of Fame" edition really is, previously we've been told about GI Joe, He-Man and Kaiser, does this mean that there are separate editions for separate content, is this a kind of DLC?, what exactly are the other editions.

Ubisoft have not gone out of their way to make these things clear, and Ubi sorry, but you're not the most trustworthy publisher and I'm going to keep some cynicism over all your products especially when it looks like you're obfuscating exactly what that product is.

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Usually Wikipedia has everything fairly well sourced. However, since it wasn't I noted that. If you google it, you can see many other articles confirming that regular has four armies, hall of fame has eight.

Typical publisher bull****. Toy Soldiers and Cold war was around 10-15$ on release if I remember correctly. Publisher comes in to soak the consumers

"The game's standard edition will include four fictitious armies, but you can add an additional four licensed armies by either purchasing the game's Hall of Fame edition ($29.99), snagging the Legendary Heroes' Pack ($14.99), or buying them individually ($4.99 each)."

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Don't worry about it, we have the trailer linked too

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I neglected to mention Assassins Creed, and Ezio, so apologies for that.

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We got an E-mailed press release, didn't say anything that concrete, so as with everything on Wikipe4dia. Assume it's false.


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From Wikipedia (no source noted)

"Toy Soldiers: War Chest comes in two versions: Standard and Hall of Fame Edition. The Standard version is digital while the Hall of Fame Edition is available on disc except for the PC version which is all digital.

The standard version features 4 armies such as Kaiser from the original game and the new Starbright, Dark Side and Phantom.

The Hall of Fame Edition features four additional licensed armies based on fictional characters. This includes Duke and Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe, Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin's Creed and He-Man from Masters of the Universe.

The characters can be purchased separately or as a bundle on the standard version."

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Vaaat? Ubisoft is publishing this now?

Welp... At least we got Toy Soldiers: Complete some time ago. Good series. R.I.P.