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More (Technical) News From Tamriel

By Kelevandos13-06-2013

A lucky few will be receiving an invitation for the Elder Scrolls Online beta today, so make sure to check your e-mail. And for all the less fortunate, here is some technical news on the game. Bethesda has confirmed that there will be three groups of megaservers for the game, dividing the players into PC and Mac/PS4/Xbox ONE communities. So if you are planning to play with your friends in the future, make sure you all agree on one platform!

Also, while it may be not so significant, there was a question about the subscription fees of the upcoming game, which Bethesda pretty much dodged. I must admit I find it a bit of surprising in the current situation when going "freemium" is trendy and, supposedly, beneficial. Could it be that Bethesda is going for the last big attempt at the subscription-based business model? Tell us what you think below.

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I just want to play this game, my buddies do, and did I say that I do to?

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It's still curious that they seem to be trying to avoid the subject completely though

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I doubt the reason they haven't said anything on their business model is them going for a subscription based model. I don't think the guys at Bethesda, or their parent company Zenimax, are stupid enough to try the obviously obsolete model without other options available. Going a pure subscription based route would be suicide, and I'm sure they know that. The lack of information on it suggests, to me, that they're still working out the kinks in how a freemium model will work in their game.