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More Star Citizen Details

By Bis18marck7017-10-2012

A few details have been released for Star Citizen, the impressive attempt to create an immersive and realistic space simulation by the creators of Wing Commander. The game is said to have full mod support with players being encouraged to program, add and use the mod on their private servers. As well as that, there is some consideration on setting up a…

‘… ‘mod approval’ process that will allow the best of the best player created ships and other additions to be integrated into the central persistent world as well’.

So if you are a talented modder and have some crazy ideas for space vessels, you might find your ship becoming quite the favourite in the universe.

With over $885.000 from $2.0 million pledged and 23 days to go, the game is on track to beat its goal before the deadline. A lot of ideas have floated around why Star Citizens stretch goals are so far part as well why it does not use Kickstarter as its funding basis. Both issues are being addressed and explained within the FAQ but in short, the former is an attempt to ensure that each stretch goal feature will end up in the game as intended without having to compromise due to the release date.

As for why Kickstarter isn’t used? Well, Roberts Space Industries clearly deserves something bigger and better, with an own, dedicated site used for both advertisement, community interaction and funding. It’s just better saying one did it yourself, isn’t it Chris?

As for the funding itself, the developers have announced that no monthly subscription fees are required and the game will be sold to you ready to use, straight out of the box.

Lastly, the games estimated system requirements have been given. Again, just for the one’s like me that are slow in the uptake of important keywords: ‘estimated’ (!) system requirements i.e. don’t bet your money on it.

‘At the moment you will be able to play it on a dual core PC with a GTX 460 or greater and 4GB of system memory. If you’re running an i7 2500, 2600, 2700 or better with a GTX 670 or greater, then the stars are the limit! Since the game is built on CryEngine, their system requirements will stay roughly the same as ours.’

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