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More Sleeping Dogs Hype

Sleeping Dogs is still not out for a week (here in Europe), but that has not stopped the publishers from releasing this super awesome launch trailer that can be seen below. The excitement amongst the Pixel Judge staff can’t possibly get any higher for this title!

Sleeping Dogs makes many big promises; the developers has already shown off some of the big PC features the game will have. On top of this, the game promises to merge many different gameplay elements that other games have really focused on, all into one large open world experience.

Sleeping Dogs launches on August 14th in North America and shortly thereafter on the 17th in Europe.

Check out the awesome trailer below:

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Posts: 5

This looks so good!

Posts: 596

Already pre-ordered it on Steam today :)

Posts: 1548

I'm here all alone in the corner with no toys

Posts: 241

I will preorder it tomorrow :D I can resist no longer.

Posts: 15

Day 1 purchase, here I come. I actually love True Crime L.A. a lot, I didn't like TC New York, but I had all my hope for True Crime Hong Kong, but when I found out they turned it into this badass and made it into a new game I knew it would rock.

Posts: 1548

Its pity that we launches so late and there is almost no chance of getting a review copy as I'm almost broke after the development :(
Well I hope someone else from our team has it pre-ordered and can review it.