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More ShadowPlay Recording Details

By NAG3LT30-05-2013

During GeForce GTX 780 launch Nvidia has announced a new ShadowPlay feature, which allows immediate recording of h.264 compressed gameplay on Kepler GPUs.

ShadowPlay will be a feature in GeForce Experience software and should become available around the E3 2013 together with streaming to Nvidia Shield. It will use the h.264 hardware encoder on Kepler GPUs (that's why it requires GeForce 600 series and later card to work) to quickly record gameplay videos. The use of hardware encoding should reduce the performance impact and Nvidia claims just 3% hit during the recording. As its name implies, there is an ability to run ShadowPlay constantly in background, recording to RAM and save last 20 minutes of gameplay on demand (time can be adjusted by user).

That is what is currently known about the ShadowPlay and hopefully the E3 release date is right, so we will be able to find out all the details and test the feature ourselves soon.

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Posts: 267

Shadowplay isn't only for the most expensive cards, hardware encoder is present in most if not all Kepler . F.e. $110 GTS 650 will also support this feature.

Posts: 44

Nifty. Of course, I'm going to have to sell my internal organs in order to be able to afford one of these, but once I have one, ShadowPlay will make recording my embarrassingly sad attempts to play video games even easier. I'm kind of in two minds about whether or not that's a good thing.