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More Intel From The Battlefields

By Kelevandos09-05-2013

We finally have an official statement regarding the recent problems with Battlefield 3's multiplayer on PC – apparently, the servers are under DDoS attack. For those who do not recognize the term, DDoS is a form of web attack aimed at overwhelming the bandwidth of the server, making it unable to accept new connections and in some cases shutting it down. While not exactly data-threatening, such attack usually require an organized group to perform. If you recall, things like this happened worldwide on governments' websites after the infamous ACTA and SOPA/PIPA legislations were being pushed through.

EA promises to address the problem ASAP and seem to be really working hard on it, judging from the servers' frequent restarts. Let me say this again – the official statement is that no user data has been breached and if this really is a DDoS attack, it is probably true.

In other news, EA keeps making a fuss. After several years of signing appropriate contracts with weaponry manufacturers in order to use their creations in its games, EA will not do so this year. Does it mean the end of Desert Eagle and AK 74u on our screens? Well - no, as EA decided that using gun names in their games is legal, as they tell a story. And when a book tells a story, the author does not have to pay for using the word "Colt" for example, says Frank Gibeau from EA. Hmmm, this is an interesting point of view...

And last but not least, EA has purchased domains for Battlefields 13-20. Does it seem crazy to you? Then try thinking EA...money, money...yes, got it! Let's turn BF into another annually re-released sport-like game! So either I am terribly surrealistic here, or in a few years we will have conversations like "Did you try the new FIFA 18?" "Nope, I am still mashing my Battlefield 17". It just seems...bad. On the other hand, if you have some spare cash, why not try purchasing some battlefieldXX.com domain, just like Rock, Paper, Shotgun did. Come on, it is an investment.

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