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More Information About Witcher 3

By Mokman01-03-2013

German magazine GameStar has recently got its hands on some new details regarding The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The gist of it is that the game is around 50 hours long, spanning 36 different states and resulting in three different endings.

It also states that The Witcher 3 is planning to import previous saves from previous games, taking a page out of BioWare's hugely popular book regarding RPGs, allowing people to feel more of a connection to their version of Geralt. However, developer CD Projekt Red has stated before the difficulty of implementing such a feature, this issue is still murky. This news is added to further features that were hinted at before, such as the ability to steer boats and ride horses, to climb and jump, a huge explorable land as well as the ability to hunt for meat and gold.

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Those are the first screens I've seen from the game and it sure does look nice.