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More Info as Launch Date Nears

By Mokman08-06-2013

Neverwinter is fast becoming the MMO of choice for many gamers, especially those already enamoured with the world, or those who have been long-time dungeon and dragon grognards. And it's not even out of open beta yet - it is planned for release on June 20, 2013. Even so, the first expansion has already been announced, entitled "Fury of the Feywild", which is a content expansion presumably involving the fey and those goddamned elves. The plot is focused around the war between the Fomorian giants and the elven city of Sharandar, something that even those not well-versed in the law can get excited about. Giants vs. Elves? Count me in.

In more current issues, the live release of Gauntlgrym, Neverwinter's free level 60 PvE and PvP content for veteran players, is set for the same day as the launch date, giving those who have already participated in the beta and hit the level cap even more to do in the end-game. Cryptic Studios has stated again the importance of listening to the fans and absorbing feedback, with its Executive Producer and COO, Craig Zinkievich stating that "The feedback from players has been incredible. With their help during our Beta Test periods and our accumulated experience from having launched five MMOs, we're confident we've worked out all the major kinks and can sustain the world of Neverwinter without the Beta safety net. I personally thank our Open Beta players for providing an enormous amount of valuable feedback and supporting us during every single step of the development process."

Interested? Check out the beta here.

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