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More Infinite Devs Hoist the White Flag

By Bis18marck7016-10-2012

Irrational Games, the company behind BioShock, is down two more men. Combat Design Director Clint Bundrick and Artificial Intelligence Lead Don Norbury have both left the company and are now employed with the behemoth that is Microsoft.

As pointed out by Superannuation, the man who somehow found himself on the LinkedIn page of both these individuals, this is not the first time that Irrational Games have lost a man to Microsoft as Producer Joe Faulstick had also signed up with them in May this year.

Irrational Games has seen quite a few developers leaving the company over the last months. Earlier in August, Art director Nate Wells and the director of product development, Tim Gerritsen had chosen to abandon ship. Although nothing concrete can be found at the moment, the string of departures is evidence enough that some sand must be in the gearbox and that the development of the next title, BioShock Infinite, is progressing less than optimal. To deal with the loss of manpower, Irrational Games had hired Rob Fergusson from Epic Games in the hope that this might aid them in the development which seems to be as ambitious as it is challenging.

BioShock Infinite has not seen a lot of publicity over the year but a new trailer is set to hit the stage on the 21st of October and the game is still advertised with a release sometime February next year.

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