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More Features In Kerbal Space Program

By JcDent11-09-2013

Kerbal Space Program is a serious scientific game about what a space program would look if it was headed by goblins. While the ships you build have to comply with laws of physics and things like that, you still have a nation that is willing to throw a lot of green lives and Kerbal money at the attempt to fly into space. The Soviet Union would be jealous.

Well, in the new video detailing new features, you get to do more science. Assuming you're able to send your green men into space (doubtful), you'll now be able to deploy scientific modules which will collect various scientific data (by exposing Kerbalian fauna to cosmic gamma rays).

All this serves not only your masochism, but also the new RnD building. You go there to spend Science to build never...probably less likely to explode parts. Hooray!

Also, those less explodey parts can now be saved in subassembly menu - which makes it build individual parts of rockets and planes which can then be easily used in other projects. This is especially important in case you succeed in launching a rocket without killing everyone.

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Having a native subassembly menu is a very long awaited feature

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Jebediah? o.O

Amish Space Program?!?

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This game is mainly crazy fun :)

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PJ is the wrong site for Jebediah.