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(More) Criminal Activity Comes to Hardline

By zethalee29-05-2015

What's a war between cops and criminals without an evolution of the battlefields? Hardline is asking the same question, and you're going to get some answers in Criminal Activity, the first DLC for Battlefield: Hardline. Whether the fight takes place in the nighttime clubs of Code Blue, the slums and low-riding cars of The Beat, the urban decay of Black Friday, or the forests of the Pacific Northwest in Backwoods, players are sure to find a nice variety of indoor and outdoor maps, each possibly with their own unique destruction.

That's not all, either. A news post on Battlefield's official site reveals that in addition to the four maps mentioned above, players are getting two new vehicles, two new ammunition types, a new gadget, three new weapons, a battle pickup in the form of a nail gun, the new “Bounty Hunter” game mode, and six new masks, each with their own benefits, as detailed here.

It comes at a troubled time in Hardline's life, too. According to the external stat-tracking website BFHstats, a paltry 3,323 players have played Hardline in the past 24 hours, compared to the nearly 30,000 that BF4 has reached. Granted, this is certainly due in part to the recent Spring Patch that came to Battlefield 4, but the numbers don't look good, even roughly two months after release. Might this be the re-invigoration that Hardline needs? Only time will tell.

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