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More Choices in Wasteland 2

By NAG3LT03-08-2013

In a recent interview with RPS, inXile CEO Brian Fargo gave detailed reasons for why the game was delayed. The developers are still adding more and more choices and variety in the game, also leading to the larger affects on the game world. As one example, from the project lead Chris Keenan:

"And we show the reactivity. If you go to one area, you start to hear radio calls from the other. They're getting taken over, and if you try to veer back, you see the destruction from that, and they're in a completely different state. For instance, if you're too late to a call, maybe robots took it out. If you go there, you're gonna see carnage. Piles of dead bodies. No robots left to kill because they've moved on."

Another thing that helps change the game is the less sophisticated visual look and audio. As there is no requirement to have actors voicing characters or making performances, all changes can be made even very late in development. Also just like Fallout 2, there is no protection for any NPC, Brian Fargo explained:

"Remember: you can shoot or kill anybody in the whole game. That in itself [is huge]. If someone joins your party, you can kick them out, kill them, whatever you want. There's whole sequences you're not gonna see later because you offed the guy. We just deal with it. There's no replacement – no NPC that joins you and acts just like him functionally. He's out. You're just not gonna see it."

All these details paint a picture of a very gamey RPG. The one where you make decisions, and there is no clear right path. If the team really delivers on their promises, we may be looking at one of the best RPGs ever. Well, we will see it for ourselves next year.

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I really hope they follow through. I've heard promises like this before