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More C&C Details Revealed

By Mokman07-01-2013

As with all previous Command & Conquer (C&C) games, EA has held a summit for its upcoming release, what has been dubbed by some as C&C Free-to-Play. Hosted in Los Angeles, it featured a dozen community site members being flown down to the summit and experiencing the game for themselves. Details have been popping up online as to what has been revealed, but the meat of the summit has basically boiled down to the following points:

  1. In attempting to emulate the system of games such as Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and so on, C&C will be online and Free-to-Play (F2P). Further expansions, game modes, maps, additions are promised in supported patches post-launch.
  2. C&C apparently does not shy away from tradition, holding strong to its classical RTS roots, although it has been described as edging closer to "Starcraft 2", not necessarily a bad choice noting its popularity.
  3. Resource-gathering and base-building has had a few changes, such as the addition of a killable builder unit and a maximum limit of gatherers at resource nodes, as well as an additional resource to be collected (oil).
  4. Various other promises were made stating that innovative mechanics would be added, such as interesting approaches to tech trees, although no details were forthcoming (or were released due to the NDA).
  5. The game has not yet been monetized, and the developers have stated that they are currently working on the issue.

Ultimately, I have to say I am pretty damn excited for this latest offering, despite the copious amount of scepticism it is receiving due to its nature as a F2P title (a state of events that is entirely understandable, both the decision and the scepticism about it). Here's fingers crossed for it turning out to be something good.

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For me its a lost cause. Loved Generals but wont even give a F2P a chance...guess no review from me then.