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Mordheim Update, Brings New Features to the City of the Damn

By ElderCub22-04-2015

Since launching under Steam's Early Access program, Mordheim: City of The Damned has had several excellent content updates, and today is no different. Rogue Factor brings to us today a whole new batch of content. Welcome the heavily anticipated Rune System, a mechanic designed to allow the enchantment of both weapons and equipment. In league with equipment, armors now have distinct appearances so you may better gauge enemy defences.

The Cult of the Possessed may now receive random mutations upon leveling up, changing them both inside and out. Those who receive the "thousand eye" mutation gain +10 to initiative and also become engrossed with eyes all over their body. In-game chat and combat logs have also been added to the game due to the openness of communication between players and the developers over at Rogue Factor. Truely a function of community I'd like to see more of from other developers. Lastly, one unique map and one procedural map of the merchant district will be added to the game, furthering it's variety of play. Are you ready for Mordheim: City of the Damned? Follow us here at Pixel Judge for more news.

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