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Mordheim Gets More

By BloodyFanGirl13-12-2014

The tactical fantasy game currently in Early Access, Mordheim: City of the Damned, received its first content update a few days ago. The latest update brings a few new things in and you can check them all out in the video above.

Firstly, we have the Sisters of Sigmar, a warband that combines melee and magic in combat. Due to their miraculous survival after the impact of the twin tailed comet, others have deemed them 'heretics'. As you do. The Sisters' ultimate goal is to purify Mordheim of the many evils now occupying its walls after the comet collided with it. They seek out the Wyrdstones in order to then seal them away, thus containing their 'corruptive properties'.

Next, we have the introduction of the Warcamp. This is a hub where players can manage their warband and conduct skirmishes. There's not much else to it at the moment but the developers are saying that more will be added to it over time.

Lastly, some armour and weapon customisation options have been added. Players can now change the armour for each unit in their warband but, for now, these are only statistical changes and do not relate to appearance. Armour appearance customisation will be part of a future update though.

It's a very promising first content update and begs the question, why have I not been playing this game before now? This update suggests that, with more content on the way, that I need to rectify this.

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