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Mordheim: City of the Damned Good Teaser Trailer

By Gronnings17-11-2014

We previously discussed what we know of Mordheim: City of the Damned and now we get to see it all in action. The turn-based tactical fantasy game has a teaser trailer out, which, as these things go, tells us very little about the actual game but does look very pretty.

The art direction is absolutely stunning, which makes sense, since Mordheim the video game is based on Mordheim the board game, which is part of the Warhammer universe. That is to say, the developers have a wealth of material on which to draw, and they're putting it to good use. I'm particularly tickled by the pistol-wielding rats.

If the end product looks and plays anything like the teaser trailer suggests it will, I'll be very happy. The game's being developed by newly-formed Rogue Factor, and is being published by Focus Home Interactive, who do have a bit of a spotty record with fantasy games, so I'm wary but I am hopeful. The game has promise. Will it deliver?

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