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Monstrum is Randomly Generated Horror at Sea

By CameronW18-02-2014

If this video of Garry's Mod has taught me anything, scary stuff on boats is something I desperately want more of. Lucky me, because Monstrum is a procedurally generated survival horror game on the Unity engine that takes place on a ship with a randomized layout. Now I just need jet-skis.

Monstrum is certainly a far-cry from developer Team Junkfish's past games like "Dinersaur" a mobile game about a dinosaur that runs a diner, and FooFoo, a puzzle game where you guide a rabbit to its dinner. Boy, Team Junkfish makes a lot of games about food. From the look of this trailer it looks like you're going to be playing as someone (or something's) food if things don't go your way.

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