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Monster Truck Sim Spintires Rumbles into View

By Mokman07-06-2013

Ah, the genre of simulator games. A strange genre, ranging from the super-serious flight sims, to the mildly amusing, such as the Bridge Project, to the downright ridiculous, such as Kerbal Space Program. But what exactly holds all of these together? Well, the allowance for the gamer to immerse themselves in an experience that they would normally not be able to, and to allow them the freedom to expand themselves in the area in which the game specializes.

Oh and to drive monster trucks and carry lumber. Yep, Spintires allows you to drive a monster truck loaded to bear with lumber through Russia while it was still in the Soviet Union Era. Cue insanely thick Russian accents and jokes about communism. Recently announced by Oovee (the developer) the trailer, which was released alongside the announcement, focused more on the technology behind the game, which is frankly astounding.

Apparently the game will feature high replayability due to huge open-world maps and changing terrain, as well as navigation difficulties - that means no GPS for you, you luxury-loving bourgeoisie scum. But honestly, just watch the video and you know you want to be behind the wheel in that world - check out more at their Kickstarter page.

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Damn, this looks very cool!