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Monetary Black Hole Burps out New Spaceship

By Mokman16-10-2013

Well. By now, this should really be old news, and no longer surprise anybody, but damn, color me amazed because I still am. Somehow Star Citizen has convinced even more people to part with their money, and is yet another step into creating their upcoming game, or more likely, building an actual spaceship and colonizing Mars. Reaching an astronomical $22 million just this week, it has been hypothesized that Chris Roberts is either actually an electronic SHODAN-like entity siphoning money off the world governments, hence the debt crisis, or that he is an alien convincing us with his mind magic. Or it could be these amazingly persuasive ads that Roberts Space Industries keeps posting.

It has to be said that RSI has somehow made car commercials for spaceships become an actual valid idea - as horrible a thought as that is. In fact, the most recent one released in celebration of the $22 million mark seems aimed straight at hipsters - I'm surprised there is no eco-friendly hybrid bumper sticker splayed across it. Named the 2944 Aurora, it is a customizable little beauty, one that looks ready to take on any role you may assign it. But don't worry, as usual, reaching $22 million has brought along with the goal a whole bunch of different goodies, such as facial capture tech for all in-game characters and well, a new set of stretch goals, including plans for a galactic transportation system.

Let me say this right now - Star Citizen is pretty much the culmination of all my gaming hopes and dreams. I have placed my trust in Roberts Space Industries, every shred of it left from the disappointments I had suffered as a result of other gaming companies. If Star Citizen tanks... well, that may truly spell the end of my passion for the industry - and I believe that many other gamers who have invested themselves in this emotionally feel the same way. So Chris Roberts, I hope you're reading this - please do not fail.

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I still don't understand what the final game will be...