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Molyneux Requests Funds for New God Game

By Dylan_Hodge22-11-2012

Peter Molyneux recently issued a Kickstarter asking for £450,000 to fund his prospective game, GODUS. In line with many of Molyneux's creations, this game will let you be a god who must manage a cult and engage in battle with opposing supernatural forces. If you, like me, are a fan of the classic Molyneux god games such as Populous and Black and White, consider ponying up some skrilla for the typical Kickstarter bonuses (including going to E3 as Peter Molyneux’s personal guest for a hefty £5000).

This is a Kickstarter which will almost certainly happen, so I think we should all adopt the best position concerning a new Molyneux joint--”cautious optimism.” If nothing else, this will give PeterMolydeux really fun things to tweet about.

In case your 'God Nostalgia senses' are suddenly tingling again, then this might interest you too.

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I really wish it was like Populus or Black & White but something tells me Mr. Molyneux might think of something that will piss me off...like interconnectivity with a mobile phone or something.