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Molyneux Hopes For Godus Prototype By Christmas

By SavageOcto03-12-2012

It seems that Molyneux’s Godus Kickstarter is on track to being funded. It is currently £194,088 out of £450,000 funded with 18 days to go in its month long campaign. The game will be a throwback to old god games, like the ones Molyneux is famous for.

Seems that Molyneux also sees this and plans to have the first prototype out by Christmas, he told Joystiq. “I hope by Christmas we have a prototype that people can download and say, "Actually, you know what, they're already doing good work.'"

Since this is Molyneux, I’m being cautiously optimistic about Godus. I have recently re-installed Black & White 2 for that god itch. I’m excited for a new god game to come out, and from none other than the man who invented the genre. Hopefully the transparency of the project will keep his over promising in check.


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