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Modtal DOOMbat

By Bobfish14-07-2013

So, with the arrival of Mortal Kombat Komplete on the PC, it was inevitable there would be a resurgence of interest in the franchise. And, well, DOOM is always popular..for some reason. It's perfect sense to put them together right. A full scale, Mortal Kombat II arcade accessed through DOOM. A game...within a game. Utter genius isn't it?

What do you mean no?

Well screw you you fucking ingrate! 'Cause you're getting it anyway. Featuring hilariously overside SNES controllers, display screens to for spectators to watch the battle unfold and (soon) leaderboards for full scale, in game, arcade tournaments. It's still a little on the buggy side, but I do mean only a little. But it's also still in development, with approxmately 10% left to do, so it's to be expected there will be a few notches here and there to iron out. Aside from that, all I can say is, mod community, don't y'all ever change. You always provide us with something new and interesting.

Massive kudos for this.



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