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Modern Ghostly Assassin

By StuntmanLT27-10-2013

There is a new trend rising. Well, maybe it's not exactly new but it's definitely on the rise – game related attire. What caught my eye this time was a somewhat unique Assassin's Creed - The Recon jacket. Why am I writing this, you might ask. No particular reason except that it looked cool and it's Sunday, which means that we won't be rattling any serious discussions today.

Anyway, back on topic. Except for the looking cool part I find few issues with this jacket. Canonical issues that is. This product is created for the fans, who usually know their stuff, so this makes me question few things: Ghost Recon is part of a military; military is part of a government; government is more of a Templar thing; Templars are battling Assassins; Assassins are more like rebels. That would mean that Assassins and Ghost's wouldn't be friends. Besides it's highly unlikely that Assassins and Tom Clancy's universes collide (not unlike AC and FarCry, which seem to be the same universe). Or am I just completely overthinking it and can't just see the "cool" factor that makes everything else irrelevant? And would YOU "pre-order" it?

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