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Modders Take a Shot at Making a Proper Duke Nukem Forever

By Mokman07-04-2013

So let's face it, Duke Nukem Forever was a huge flop. Disappointing, crass and amazingly dumb, it was not exactly what most people spent a decade waiting for. What people did want though, was the Duke Nukem Forever promised in 2001's trailer, which was incredibly tantalizing to say the least. This then eventually results in Duke Nukem Forever 2013, a mod that's about to be released for Duke Nukem 3D, where the maps for the 2001 trailer (below) are being recreated in-game, to act as a spiritual successor to the game, ignoring the black stain that was DNF.

The mod has been promised to be released in April 15th, a mere nine days from now, and more screenshots of it, as well as details, may be found on its ModDB page here.

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