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Modders Recreate HL Expansions In Source

By MrJenssen14-04-2013

You heard it right. After the huge success of Black Mesa (Source) release, it seems more modders want to join in on the fun!

Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty - both in the works by mod team/developer Tripmine Studios - are two Source recreations of Half-Life's two Gearbox-developed expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift respectively, aiming to give us the same great experience that Black Mesa brought us last year. Just like with the original expansions, you'll no longer be playing as Gordon Freeman, but instead as US marine Adrian Shephard and security guard Barney Calhoun.

Looking at the screenshots and early video footage, it seems the team has still a long way to go, but it also becomes clear they are indeed serious about their claims. Both expansions were considerably shorter than vanilla Half-Life, so hopefully we won't have to wait eight years for these two to come out. Currently Operation Black Mesa seems to be the main focus for the team at this moment, with an estimated release window set around Q1 2014 and a Steam Greenlight page already in place.


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Same, although I think they seriously amped up the difficulty in Blast Pit.

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That reminds me that I still have to finish Black Mesa...