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Modder Makes Brand New Deus Ex Storyline

By MrJenssen07-04-2013

"2049 - Disorder is rampant in the world. China has increased its influence in global affairs while the U.S. has virtually lost its superpower status following a civil war. In the wake of a sudden terrorist attack in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, the neighbouring Hong Kong is feared to be the next target."

That's how modder FastGamerr sets up the story for his almost-done-but-not-quite-yet total conversion mod for the stealthy FPS/RPG classic Deus Ex. Yes, the first one.

Slated for release this summer, Deus Ex: Nihilum is made from scratch using the same good old Unreal Engine used for the original Deus Ex, is fully voiced, and takes place in what the creator calls an "alternate Deus Ex continuity". It has you embodying a brand new character, the interestingly named UNATCO agent Mad Ingram - probably some distant relative of Max Payne - as you traverse new landscapes in the search for the truth. And also ham sandwiches.

Dare I say more? If you're a true PC gamer, you'll already know of Deus Ex. If you're even more badass, you have actually played the game. And if you're the ultimate badass PC gaming Deus Ex superfan, you'll pick one eye out of your socket, glue it to your monitor and keep it on Deus Ex: Nihilum until it is finally playable come June 3rd. So get your augs charged! You'll need them.


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