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Modded in the Dark, Alone

By breadbitten13-10-2013

It must be one of those weird, once-in-a-blue-moon cosmic ironies that The Dark Mod,  the stupendously good looking nod to the ultimate sneak-simulator Thief, was built as a mod for Doom 3, otherwise known as one of the unsneakiest games ever made. Well their relationship had a great run but the developers at Broken Glass Studios have decided to put an end to it. Which means that version 2.0 of The Dark Mod is now a standalone game. The studio explains:

"We have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy replacing all the sounds, textures, particle effects, and models that we had been using. Hopefully this will open up a whole new audience of people who didn't want to have to purchase a different game in order to try The Dark Mod. Going standalone has been a mammoth undertaking. There were literally hundreds of assets that needed to be replaced, and around seventy maps that had to be checked to see whether any of those replacements broke anything."

The standalone mod brings with it a handful of improvements as well, the game's audio, visuals and AI behavior getting the brunt of the attention, while also updating some of the missions, a result of the mod no longer requiring the Doom 3 assets. Check out the nifty little video the modders whipped up for a better look.

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This will be good now that it is standalone. Saves me reinstalling doom 3 just to play it.