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Mod Tools And More For Chivalry

By Fr33Lanc3r.00712-03-2013

Steve Piggott, President and Lead Designer of Torn Banner Studios, has released a Developer Q&A Video, answering a few of the more popular questions that the community has been asking about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. There are a lot of features that were asked about, including Mod Tools (including Steam Workshop Support) - which, while no Specific Date has been given, should be one of the next big things from the developer - an improved Server browser, and greater support for server admins. Piggott also expressed his excitement for changes to the company. While Torn Banner has previously been a virtual team from around the world, the profits from Chivalry has allowed them to obtain office space and move most of their staff to a central location.

The other exciting thing, at least for me, is the planned focus on character customisation. Back when I was playing Age of Chivalry (Chivalry's Source Mod origins), I was always wishing I could play as Druss The Legend or Waylander The Slayer (two characters from one of my favourite Fantasy Epics). Maybe I'll get the opportunity soon.

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They need to get their asses going. I get that they're a small developer, but they should be rich as fuck by now. The Kickstarter was a success, and the game has sold like... something that sells really REALLY well. They need to employ more people, get more content out. Fatshark is a bigger dev, I get that. But even so, the amount of content they've been pushing out for WotR compared to Chivalry, is just insane.