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Mod Effort Brings Life to Dark Souls

By siegarettes25-09-2012

Oh the humanity!

While the initial PC port of brutal action game Dark Souls was decried for its weak effort, modders have since been hard at work attempting to fix it. Earlier efforts saw the release of both a fix for the locked resolution of the game, as well as the 30 FPS frame limit.

Now, modders Durante and Clement have joined forces and collaborated of DSFix 1.5, which you can get over at the Dark Souls Nexus. This new fix allows players to set their desired resolution, remove the frame cap and also set a target FPS to help maintain a consistent framerate. They have also added SSAO and SMAA support for the game.

While it's a shame that Namco couldn't put up the resources to properly port the game, it's a testament to the determination and love of the PC community that not only were they able to convince Namco to publish the game on PC, but were also able to fix the mistakes in delivering it.

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