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Mjölnir SMITE’s Again

By Azeebo16-01-2014

With all the talk of AAA games, it is easy to forget which games are dominating the world with an Iron Fist. I am talking about the deceptively simple MOBA of course...or the Defence of the Ancients Clone as many people like call it. But even then, DOTA is merely a clone of Aeon of Strife...not to get nit picky or anything.

Technicalities aside, MOBA's are in, and everyone from Valve to Blizzard are in on it. However, arguably the most interesting take on the genre is from HiRez, famous for their work on the Tribes reboot, and their game SMITE. SMITE throws away the isometric view, it throws away the standard 3 lanes 1 jungle formula, it throws away made up characters for you to play as, and most importantly, it is free. In SMITE you control 1 out of a large selection of real world gods, ranging from favorites like Thor and Loki, to more obscure gods like Ah Muzen Cab and the recently released Geb.

With the latest patch introducing Geb, you now have a whopping 48 God to choose from. But, that is not all. The latest patch is almost bursting with updates and content to lay your teeth into, which is not uncommon for fans of the game. The changes range from simple things like steamlining Boot purchases to complete graphical overhauls to things like introducing an entire new submode for the manic Arena game type. They have certainly been busy.

Whilst SMITE is still in Beta, the constant stream of updates from HiRez not only keeps the game stable and balanced, but it is always improving with the implementation of new modes and new Gods. We hope to see more great things from SMITE in the future.

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Been awhile since i played this game, time to reinstall!