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Mister Presaintdent

By Bobfish01-09-2013

Saints Row is mental. We all know that. So mental, in fact, that only two weeks after release (US, just over a week international) there are already not one, but three DLC packs available to make Saints Row IV...even more mental. Now, normally we wouldn't be talking about this kind of thing on a Sunday. But it's Raints Row, and the Saints make their own rules. Plus, y'know, fuck Pierce.

Now, normally (whoa! Daja vu!) we'd also be highly critical of this level of shameless greed. But, well, it's Saints Row, y'know? And considering the first one, the Executive Privilege Pack openly advertises it as cheating your way to success...it's hard not to chuckle and give the "oh you" face. Volition are just doing what they do. Taking the piss and having a damn good time along the way. Plus, honestly, who wouldn't want to dress like a hillbilly with Obama's face and murder everyone in site with black holes?

What's not to like?

Except Pierce.

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