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Mirror's Light, Dying Edge? (Updated)

By Bobfish26-11-2013

Techland's Tymon Smektala had some pointed comments to make about the comparisons between Dying Light, their upcoming free zombing opus, and the DICE under appreciated masterpiece Mirror's Edge. Because nobody ever wants their work to be compared to something great aimirite?

Of course, I'm sure we can all appreciate the frustration of the modern media and it's obsession with comparing one thing to something else. Because nothing can be an original idea anymore, so we have to find the common comparatives to help explain it to the ADD, hyperactive, pre-pubsecent mass market. Otherwise, how will they ever know what something is about? They clearly lack the mental capacity to form any kind of judgements off their own initiative. I get how annoying that is, I really do. On the other hand, his comments in response to the (admittedly) inevitable comparison are equally...irritating.

"I think it's a lazy thing to say. If you look at the game, it has zombies in it and it's melee-based, so it is Dead Island, then you look at it again and see that the motion has that free-running aspect to it, so it is Mirror's Edge. Mirror's Edge really was a game that opened a lot of eyes, but even though it looked like it was set in an open-world, it was a corridor game with only a few objects that you could interact with. With the current demo of Dying Light, and how the whole game plays right now - I'm pretty happy with how it plays - you're really not limited. You can think of any way to get around the environment and you can use that way. If it looks like it's realistic for you to go there."

Real mature of you there bub. Mirror's Edge did, indeed, have its flaws. Every game does. So will yours. I just hope, when the time comes, the DICE staff have a suitable level of maturity to not then say their game is better than yours.

Update: After a (brief) Twitter exchange it seems I may have grossly misrepresented the comments. I will leave the above as is however, for clarity. The error, and bias, was on my part. My apologies for any misunderstanding this may have casued.

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Posts: 3290

I also don't deny being extremely biased about Mirror's Edge, so I can see that I might just be reading into it too much.

Us Fanboys gotta' score the first blow what what!

Posts: 3290

It was just the general tone of it. It came across as a polite way of saying it was meh

Posts: 1317

I'm not seeing the irritation coming from him. He's not bashing Mirror's Edge, he's just stating the facts. Mirror's Edge is a corridor game, where there is usually only ONE ledge to climb, pipe to shimmy, blank to balance over and so on. It doesn't give any more options than, say, Call of Duty does. That's not to say it's bad, and he's not saying it's bad either.

Sure it's not just you who have a bias towards linear games, which felt the mention of ME being linear equalled "it's a bad game"? :p