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Mirror's Edge 2 Rumours Leaked

By Mokman30-05-2013

Mirror's Edge was a much underappreciated game, featuring next-generation graphics and gameplay mechanics, and a stomach-turning freerunning system which to this day still makes me feel kinda dizzy. In a good way. Unfortunately, due to its strange nature, it didn't really succeed in its leap of faith (those who have played the game would spot the double pun here), despite a brilliant story written by Rhianna Pratchett, one of the better game writers out there.

Mirror's Edge 2 could be the change to that legacy - after all, it deserves much more than what it has now. And it could even happen - last week, various retailer websites leaked accidentally listing of Mirror's Edge 2, even on EA's Help Centre page. This was spotted by NeoGAF, who spotted the blank template page commonly used by other unreleased EA games. While of course this doesn't necessarily mean anything, it's still a promising start.

Could it be the sequel that fans are waiting for? Let's just hope they keep what made the first game so unique. Find out at EA's E3 press conference coming next week.

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Posts: 1317

It's no isssue, really. All we need to do is to not buy their games. It's all a farse, most developers and publishers have already realized this. EA is really the last major publisher that still thinks microtransactions is a great thing that consumers love.

Posts: 44

Weapons that you'll have to purchase via micro-transactions. (In fact, I heard the game's original working title was "EA Micro-Transaction Cash Orgy From Hell".)

Posts: 1317

Would love to see this game made. I just don't see Dice making it, to be honest.

Posts: 1548

I'm sure EA will find a way how to screw this up. This time we will probably have to always use weapons.