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Mirror’s Edge 2 Finds It’s Way Onto Amazon

By Fr33Lanc3r.00724-05-2013

Mirror's Edge, that ever so inventive game from Battlefield developer DICE, has been taunting fans with a sequel for a long time now. That started to change when former executive Ben Cousins tweeted that 'It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production at DICE' back in November 2012, and could be gaining momentum with a pre-order page appearing on Germany's Amazon site before being quickly taken down. The fact that is was just the one site, and that it quickly disappeared does ring some alarm bells - so don't get your hopes too high - but it's still nice to dream, isn't it?

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I'd actually like to see them make the colour even more striking. Instead of white cut through with <insert level colour of choice> have everything done in bright, fluorescent, pearlescent, cel shaded pastels.

That's right, bright pastels. 'Cause that's just the way I roll baby!

Posts: 341

Real question is.

Will it have blue colorgrading?

Posts: 233

Eye's are wide open for this one

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I loved Mirror's Edge, I was so sad when they said they wouldn't make another and then so happy when they said they started making it after all... Really cannot wait for this title!

Posts: 237

Do it!!!

Posts: 3290

Please. Just let this happen.