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Microsoft and GameMaker - A Symbiosis of Sorts

By Bis18marck7011-10-2012

With Microsoft’s new OS slowly but surely waltzing towards, Yoyo Game has released a patch for GameMaker: Studio which will enable games to be directly exported to the Windows 8 marketplace. As this patch will only be issued to the Standard, Professional and Master Collection edition of the new OS, those with the free version will not be able to benefit from this.

Yoyo Games and Mircosoft hope that this step, together with a ‘prize’ money of $500 for the first 24 developers to add their game to the marketplace before the 8 of December, will tempt game designers to submit their content.

However, as the rules state the game needs to have specific Windows 8 features such as the ‘Snap View, Live Tiles and Share functionality’ and obviously be harmless in its content.

Interested? Well, there is a free version of GameMaker on Steam now so check it out if you have the skills and ideas.

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