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Mining For The Plot

By Bunnysuit07-07-2015

The next Telltale game called Minecraft: Story Mode trailer has finally been released. Telltale has teamed up with Mojang, and this trailer was featured in the recent MineCon.

I'll admit I've never played Minecraft before, but I do understand that the appeal is to craft items and explore an open world. Telltale games is a more story driven experience with very little, if any world exploration. They do tease the crafting aspects in Minecraft Story Mode, but it doesn't seem clear if crafting will be available. That is where Minecraft fans are having mixed feelings.

All the scenes in the trailer don't seem to include the gameplay portions. The animation looks really good though. As with previous Telltale games I expect Minecraft: Story Mode to rely on your choices and character interactions. Telltale does this very well, so I'm hopeful of the results. Decide for yourselves, the game is expected to release soon.

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Posts: 35

Story Mode is being sold as a separate game to Minecraft. As a minecraft fan I see this as a big lost opportunity.

I expect the decision to do this was made by some accountant who's never played the game.

Posts: 3290

They even made Game of Thrones enjoyable

Posts: 29

Well you do have a lot of faith on Telltale Games. I'm willing to try it.

Posts: 3290

I feel like I'm the only person in the universe that's willing to like this