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Mingle In the Dark Lands

By acharris7712-02-2014

Indie developer Mingle Game, makers of the Windows Phone game Dark Lands, is looking to get their successful game out to other platforms. A little bit about the game for those not in the know, like me. Dark Lands is an epic battle runner game, which you must develop a hero. You must then survive a battle by running for as long as possible, in a mode called Survival. There is also a campaign mode, which has hand-made levels to provide a different type of challenge.

With one million downloads in two and a half months, achieving a rating of 4.70 out of 10,000 reviews, it has been very popular. Mingle decided to create a Kickstarter project to raise the funds needed to add features like new modes, additional enemies, new weapons and environments to this action packed game. Whether they will make it over to the Steam is still unknown, but their second stretch goal is geared directly around that. They do, however, assure us a PC release will be coming our way no matter what.

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