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Minecraft Meets The Settlers In Terraria

By Kelevandos02-05-2013

I must admit I do not know where to start, as the game I am to write about got me really, REALLY excited. Ok, so here we go. We all love Minecraft, right? Ok, there are some who state to hate it, but it is more like "I played the game for 50 hours straight, it was no fun at all". And most of us like RTS games, like The Settlers. Now, imagine that The Settlers are getting Minecraft's graphics, creative aspects and some RPG elements on top of that. Are you seeing it? Well, that is basically what Stonehearth will be like.

The recently started Kickstarter campaign looks like a fairy tale, only backed by gameplay videos and solid promises. The game will provide us with a few settlers and unlimited opportunities to expand our settlement, turning it into a prosperous city, trading post, a sacred monastery... anything you can imagine! To achieve this, we will be giving out orders and while the resources are being gathered – we will design buildings in a special mode. One of the coolest features will be the advance tree, which will allow our little helpers to advance in jobs by gaining experience, just like in an RPG! And when the settlement of our dreams is ready, we will have to defend it against monsters, among which there will be special bosses, able to blow any defence to smithereens! Now this sounds is what sounds like Minecraft, Terraria and The Settlers combined...

On this rate, the Kickstarter for the project will be fully backed in no time, but seeing what great things these devs can do, I say let's rise as much as possible for Stonehearth! Especially as they mentioned multiplayer and PvP possibility in the future!

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