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Minds behind X-Wing bring us Starfighter Inc.

By ElderCub08-05-2015

You remember Starwars X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, Wing Commander. Of course you do, you lived it. Maybe you’re still revelling in the memories, maybe you’re even still playing them. I was too young to truly enjoy those games, but I’ve always been a fan of aerial and space combat. That’s why it makes me so excited to hear about this game. Impeller Studios has just launched it’s Kickstarter for Starfigher Inc. A game that already sounds true to my heart. Described as the “Next X-Wing” and “World of Tanks vs. Counter Strike in space”. Something few, space flight games get right is physics. Being able to turn in any direction you want while still traveling on the same path is seldom seen, and something Starfighter Inc. will fix.

Tier 1 already sounds impressive at $250,000, we’ll have 16 player combat with modular damage (Take a hit specifically to a missile launcher? Say goodbye to it.) ship customization, VR support, and a handful of game modes and ships . While on the other hand; Tier 7 will top out at $17,000,000 and feature oh so much more. A fully scripted Single/Co-op Campaign, Player Markets, Multi-seat ships, the list goes on and on. A pledge of $16 will get you the game, but pledge rewards go all the way up to $10,000. So please, I implore you, check out the Kickstarter, pledge if you can, and spread the word. Let’s help make this the best space combat sim to date.  

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