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Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Looks Awesome

By Merc23-04-2013

Okay, at first you may be rolling your eyes at the title of this new game, at least I did. Maybe that is what is intended when you start to watch what The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is about. It does not take itself seriously and neither should you, it appears that the developers are willing to make us laugh. They succeed all while making us want to play this great looking RPG. It is not just any RPG, it has a very unique spin on the traditional hack and slash.

If the term action RPG gets you excited or if you are tired of that particular genre this game will get your attention. The part of this game that sets it apart from the others is not the loot, skills, or boss fights. It is the dungeon design and guess what, you design the dungeons. That’s right, you choose from different tile sets, monsters, bosses, and all kinds of other crazy stuff! Honestly it looks like the RPG lovers dream and you can include all of your friends. If you want to sign up for the closed beta you can do so here, I encourage you strongly to do so.

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Posts: 351

Yeah I am so looking forward to this, I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posts: 123

Signed up! After playing so many RPGs that take themselves way too seriously this seems like a breath of fresh air.