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Mighty Microtransactions Not Quite So Mighty Nor Epic

By BloodyFanGirl31-07-2013

Ubisoft have decided to re-examine new Free-To-Play game the Mighty Quest For Epic Loot's use of microtransactions. Rather than allow players to pay their way to being good at the game with paid items, Ubisoft have decided to keep microtransactions focused on making adjustments to your character's appearance. So rather than paying to play like a badass, you can now pay to just look like one.

Mighty Quest came under a mighty amount of criticism after Total Biscuit criticised the game's payment model on his Youtube channel (you can watch the video in question above). A week after this video went live, Ubisoft announced the monetisation rollback. In the post on Mighty Quest's official site they said "many of you have said that [the monetisation system] has affected the game to the point of causing major harm". I love it when we're listened to.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is in beta as of writing and you can sign up to play free here. The game is hoping for a release date later this year.

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