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Might & Magic X DLC Hits on March 27th

By CameronW18-03-2014

Are you a 40 year old that remembers playing Might and Magic games? Do you still think that they're fun? They got uncreative and crappy and stopped being made well 15 years ago you say? Well, maybe you should look into getting that Might and Magic X – Legacy game that came out earlier this year. Now probably wouldn't be that bad a time to get into it either, seeing as the "The Falcon & the Unicorn" DLC is coming out on March 27th.

Hold on, you use a Mac for your games? Why'd you go and do that? Well you're in luck too since Might and Magic X - Legacy is coming to Steam for Mac on March 27th along with the DLC for everybody. That is, unless you're a Linux user, sorry dude.

"The "The Falcon & The Unicorn" DLC introduces an exclusive quest line, 2 new dungeons, an all-new array of iconic enemies from the Haven faction, along with much more content.

If the epic events of Might & Magic® X – Legacy made our favorite group of Raiders the heroes of Ashan, in "The Falcon & The Unicorn", the Holy Inquisition itself wants their heads, accusing them of crimes they didn't commit. Sentenced to rot away until death on the prison island of Fort Laegaire, the Raiders must once again combine their wits and skills to unravel a sinister plot targeting the heart of the imperial court."

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