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Might & Delight Are Back with Something Mightily Delightful

By BloodyFanGirl04-03-2014

Swedish developer Might & Delight are back with more goodies relating to their game Shelter. The Swedish-based devs had teamed up for a second time with Retro Family to score Shelter and now the game's sound track has been made available on iTunes. You can get the whole album for 115 Kronar (that's about £10 or $17) and you can also download the soundtrack for Might & Delight's first game, Pid, there too.

The press release says: "Retro Family [...] have tailored an audio experience that closely matches the visual direction of Shelter. A game that relies on an artistic and crafted feel throughout the experience. The abstract portrait of nature is captured and enhanced by Retro Family's sensitive and ethereal musical creation." You can find out more about Retro Family by visiting their official YouTube page here. Now just sit back, relax and chill out to the musical accompaniment of the badger simulator.

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