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Might and Magic Gets the X Mod

By acharris7716-11-2013

Ubisoft have announced their second update to the RPG, Might and Magic X - Legacy Early Access is available. This latest update includes the Modding Kit, which allows players to participate in the MMX by suggesting their own mods and maps. This is a very important feature for the Might and Magic X community.

Now players can start to create their own adventures. In addition, the creations can be shared with the community, and you will even be able to track down the best ones through the Maps and Mods tab on the open development blog, launched later this year.

Ubisoft have taken feedback from the Open Development process, and have added a whole list of enhancements in update two. The game's stability has been improved with 150 bug fixes, as well as new game options and objects added. Thanks to the Open Dev Blog, the team can take the community feedback to provide the best experience for Early Access. As an example - the maps notes, which have been requested by the community in a vote, have been added.

The video shows some of the basic features of the software, and gives a little demonstration of how it works, and how to use it. I have never been a fan of the Might and Magic series, so I may not be the best person to offer an opinion. I have always supported giving the gaming community the chance to mod games, and share maps and ideas however, so this should allow the game to really flourish.

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