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Microsoft’s Threshold

By MatthewJMimnaugh04-12-2013

Microsoft recently announced a new initiative called "Threshold," which, as names go, has the requisite cool/ambiguous factor.  Fortunately for us, they actually gave a little bit of info; unfortunately for us, it's Microsoft talking and everyone still has a case of the jitters since the Xbox One debacle.  Whatever the case, Threshold is designed to update Microsoft phones, consoles, and PC's so that they will be more closely connected, presumably to better transition ports and cross platform media.

This would have sounded awesome about five years ago, but I can't help picturing Windows 8.2 requiring Kinect and annoying phone "accessory apps" begging for our attention in game.  As with all news, it's a mixed bag of possibility and dread, especially for gamers still concerned with corporate's recent obsession with shovelware and cow clickers.  Hopefully this will mean a better ports and a wider selection, but, just in case, you might want to get familiar with Linux.


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