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Microsoft’s Minority Report

By NAG3LT11-10-2012

While many new input methods, like multi-touch tables, Kinect, etc. – were referred to as ‘Minority Report’ technology coming to life. Latest Microsoft project, as can be seen in the video from Microsoft Research in Cambridge, gets closer to it than anything before.

MS Digits is a bracelet that tracks the position of user’s fingers with infrared laser and camera, as well as the position of arm, using accelerometers. As a device that you wear, there are no restrictions on hand location, which can be very convenient, compared to Kinect or Leap Motion. Current prototype is quite large, but research team hopes to bring it down to the size of wristwatch.

Hopefully, this project will become a commercially available product in the near future because I’d really like to get my hands on it...or should I say - in it.


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