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By BloodyFanGirl15-07-2013

We've previously covered the Monster Hunter MMO making its way to China. The project is a collaboration between Tencent and Capcom and runs on the CryEngine 3. It is also the second foray into the MMO arena for the franchise, the first being Monster Hunter Frontier Online which was only released in Japan and South Korea.

The video embedded above follows a party as they prepare and then move out to take on what looks like (and what google translate tells me is) a griffin. As we've come to expect from the CryEngine, the game looks very pretty. Aside from that there was not much else I could surmise other than level progression in the game is quite slow, though that's taken from a google translation of the video description. Do we have any Chinese speaking readers that could shed a bit more light on what the uploader said about the video?

The game looks really awesome but at this point is exclusive to China with no word about potentially bringing it to other places. Which is a shame. So for now you Monster Hunters will have to be content with watching the various gameplay videos this Youtuber has uploaded until we hear anything else on the matter.

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