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Metro's 'Faction' DLC Postponed, Librarians Return

By MrJenssen21-06-2013

A little while after the launch of the critically acclaimed Metro: Last Light, developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver announced their plans to bring out new singleplayer content for the game in the form of paid DLCs. The first of which, titled the 'Faction Pack', was to be released sometime in June. Through the game's official Facebook page, it has now been revealed that the pack will not be ready for a June release, and has been pushed back to mid-July.

"We know many of you have been waiting for more Metro ever since we announced our plans for new single-player content, and we are really sorry for having to make you wait a bit longer."

Well, that's a bummer. Still, at least that means they didn't cut this content out of the game before the game was done, only to sell it off after release.

Furthermore, the rest of the DLCs - all available through the season pass - are supposedly to be released "over the course of 60 days following the release of the Faction Pack". There's no more information about the actual DLCs, what they will include or how long they'll be, but the devs teased the word "Librarians" at the end of their Facebook post, along with a link to the updated Steam achievements list for the game.

In case you didn't remember the Librarians, or just never played the flawed gem that was Metro 2033, let me just quickly lecture you. To sum it up, they were some of the fiercest enemies found in the Metro. Though there were a few ways to get around them, fighting them head-on would almost always lead to Artyom's brutal death, time and time again. Apparently, these ugly bastards will be making a return in the Faction Pack DLC. Oh yeah, and one of the new achievements is called "Arachnophobia". You have been warned...

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Though I'm annoyed they won't bother coming with any info on these DLCs, I'm still kinda stoked for more content. Especially if they actually prove to be decently lengthy mini-campaigns.